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My name is A I started crafting in 2010. My first crafts were ceramics. Due to military moves I decided to venture into learning about candles and cold processed soaps. I began creating candles and soaps in 2014 for family and friends. Later it became something more.

My Story


Couple years ago, I was looking for the right product to help my daughter with her eczema. When I finally found the perfect product it was discontinued by the Company. I decided to attend soap making classes to learn and understand all I can about soaps. After attending several classes and creating my own soaps I begin mixing wonderful ingredients and came up with a great product for my daughter's skin.


One day, I was invited to the Veterans Nursing Home and was saddened to learn from some veterans that their family members did not visit them. I decided to offer my candles and soaps as gifts to light their path to hope and happiness.  

 I received great feedback about my candles and soaps however I had to relocate due to the military. After relocating to Kentucky(KY) I continued to ship candles and soaps to the Veterans Nursing Home in North Carolina(NC). Later, I decided to start offering my products in KY. Couple years later CreepingScents was created.

CreepingScents began attending fairs and craft shows throughout KY and occasionally in NC. Our sales increased and gained many customers. During 2020 we encountered the pandemic and decided to create our online store. As of 2021 CreepingScents products are in two local stores with positive feedback. CreepingScents also gives back to the veteran community by donating products to our local homeless shelter and veterans nursing home. Our biggest support is from our local community. We love helping everyone and promoting wellness within the mind and body.

As a veteran I know life can be rough at times and creating candles, bath, and body products was the best thing that ever happened to me. I support local veterans who are into crafting and love sharing my knowledge. 



Because Wellness Matters - Creep your own way.

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