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Our Bourbon County Wax Melts are the perfect way to add a touch of Kentucky charm to your home. The warm and inviting scent of bourbon and woodsmoke will fill your space with a cozy atmosphere. Let our wax melt transport you to the Bourbon Trail and enjoy the rich and smoky aroma. Enjoy the unique aroma of Kentucky bourbon and let your home become a cozy and inviting place.

Bourbon County Wax Melts

  • CreepingScents handmade and all natural:

    • Celebrate in style with our big scented bourbon wax melts.
    • Our Bourbon County candle is infused with natural oils to capture the essence of Kentucky Bourbon.
    • Crafted in small batches with all-natural soy wax + fragrance oils.
    • Use 1-2 cubes per 4-5 hours per day. 
    • Our products are not tested on animals.
    • Our products do not contain parabens nor phthalates.
    • Material: soy wax
    • Weight: 3 oz 
    • Color: see product image
    • Scent: CreepingScents Bourbon County
    • Burn Time: 10-12 hours
    • Quantity: 1 (6-Pack)
    • Packaging: pvc container


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