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Home fragrance sachets brings happiness and suprise. Add a sachet to your closet, bed, pet crates or litter box for a boost of scent.


Elegant Sachet

PriceFrom $6.00
  • CreepingScents handmade and all natural:


    • Our sachet are wonderful addition to help keep your home smelling wonderful.
    • Our scented sachets has a long-lasting effect. Each sachet can last longer than 60 days if kept in a closed space.
    • Our sachets are infused with natural oils.
    • Our products are not tested on animals.
    • Scent: varies see product option
    • Weight: 2.20 oz
    • Quantity: 3 pcs/9 pcs
    • Usage: scent boost
    • Features: a ribbon to easily tie/hang anywhere
    • Product comes in a paper package


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