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Yum! What a sight to see when you look at me. Our strawberry shortcake candle smells good enough to eat and is housed in a charming glass container that mirrors an ice cream look. This candle emanates a tantalizing aroma that will invigorate your senses. Handcrafted with care, it perfectly aligns with CreepingScents’ dedication to natural, high-quality home fragrances. This candle smells amazing and is ready to be added to your space.

Strawberry Shortcake Candle

$14.00 Regular Price
$11.90Sale Price

15% off - Ice Cream Month Sale

  • CreepingScents handmade and all natural:

    • Bring a fruity snack scent within your space with our strawberry shortcake candle. 
    • Our candles are handmade using natural soy wax, essential oils, and fragrance oils.
    • Our wicks are lead-free organic cotton wick providing a cleaner and longer burn.
    • Our products are not tested on animals.
    • Our products do not contain parabens nor phthalates.
    • Glass may be reuse later at your leisure once empty.
    • Material: soy wax
    • Weight: 12 oz
    • Color: see product image
    • Scent: CreepingScents Strawberry Shortcake
    • Features: wax spoon
    • Burn Time: 84-96 hours
    • Quantity: 1
    • Packaging: box
    • Glass may be reuse later at your leisure once empty.



     *Decorations are soy wax and will melt once you light your candle.

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